Canadian rock band lights up ‘FLX Live’ in Geneva

Canada lent the Finger Lakes one of their most up-and-coming bands this month.

Montreal-based rock group, The Damn Truth, stopped by Finger Lakes Live in their U.S. debut. The performance is part of the band’s 2017-18 winter tour.

The Damn Truth has one goal in mind and on stage – keep rock and roll alive. The band exudes classic rock, being described as reminiscent of legends like Robert Plant and Janis Joplin. Lead singer, Lee-la Baum incorporates her Montreal roots into the classic rock vibes.

“There isn’t much out there like us,” said Baum. “Being the only ones is, in a way, part of what keeps us going, especially during the tough times.”

FLX Live music director, Matthew Elkin, is constantly searching for unique acts. So when the schedule opened up and there hadn’t been a rock performance at the venue in a while, The Damned Truth was a perfect fit.

“All we ever wanted was just to be in a band that we would want to listen to,” Baum pointed out. “So we’ve always been kind of fighting for our place.”

This energy and fight can be seen in their stage presence.

On Friday night, The Damned Truth had the crowd on its feet from the moment they stepped onto the stage. Generally, FLX Live draws a young crowd as students from The Colleges come to listen to contemporary music. This weekend, however, the audience consisted of people from all ages and tastes.

“I think some of the older fans are drawn to the band because we remind them of what rock’n’roll used to be like in its heyday,” added guitarist Tom. “When it was still a bit dangerous.”

Local band, Burned Out Suns, established an energetic atmosphere from the get-go. Based in Seneca Falls, the band was able to introduce the rock group with high intensity and a close-to-home feeling.

– Ali Townsend, FL1 News

Ali Townsend is a senior at Hobart & William Smith Colleges studying media and society. Throughout the next several months she will be contributing to FingerLakes1.com News covering a range of topics. Send story ideas and news tips to [email protected].

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