FLL 360: Living closer to your heart (blog)

As 2017 draws to a close, our thoughts naturally turn to the New Year. We think about all of the events that have happened to us in 2017. In all likelihood, some of those events brought happiness and some of them brought tears. We try to roll our experiences into a neat ball – like a ball of knitting yarn – as we struggle to make some sense out of these past events.

It is my observation that most people are looking for something much deeper in their lives, something far more lasting than “happiness”. We all know that happiness can be very short lived. We are happy when we open our Christmas presents to find something that we have always wanted under the tree. But when the day is finally over, and all of wrapping paper is cleaned up, and the dishes washed, we quickly return to our everyday feelings which can easily change from day to day depending upon what is presently happening in our lives.

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