Wayne County Clerk urges residents to renew locally at your DMV

By Tammy Whitacre

For years, Wayne County Clerk Michael Jankowski has worked to educate residents when it comes to helping the county they live in. The “notice to Wayne County residents” urges them to bring their renewals for vehicle registration and driver’s licenses to their local Department of Motor Vehicles in Lyons and forgo returning the payment in the pre-addressed envelope enclosed. Arriving in many mailboxes with tax receipts, the notice explains the process.
“When you send your renewal to the central processing location, the state keeps 100 percent of your transaction,” Jankowski explained in the notice.
By simply sending in the renewal to the Department of Motor Vehicles or visiting the office at 9 Pearl Street in Lyons (Wayne County DMV, P.O. Box 608, Lyons, 14489), 12.7 percent of the renewal stays in Wayne County, he said. What’s more, renewing locally allows the renewal to be processed within 24 of receipt, as opposed to three weeks when sent to the central processing location in Utica.
And over the years, it’s safe to say people are listening.
“People have been great,” Jankowski said. “While it is difficult to quantify how much the local registrations help to maintain our revenues, in 2016 the Wayne County DMV processed 33,218 registrations, helping to maintain this number in the time of growing internet usage is extremely helpful.”
According to Jankowski, Wayne County receives 2 percent of the revenue for internet transactions. In 2016 the county received $21,065.53 for internet revenue sharing, he said. In comparison, Wayne County’s 2016 retention from office transactions was $413,253.21, he added.
But keeping money local isn’t restricted to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The county clerk’s office also processes U.S. passport applications.
“When we processes the application, $25 of the application fee remains in Wayne County,” Jankowski added.

Tammy Whitacre is a reporter for Fingerlakes1.com covering Wayne County and the surrounding areas. You may email Tammy at tammy@fingerlakes1.com.

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