Canandaigua considering plastic straw ban

The City of Canandaigua is considering to ban the use of plastic straws for those who like to sip their drinks.

Councilmember David Whitcomb said the move is another way to reduce waste in the landfill. However, those who like the plastic tubes aren’t happy about it.

“Those straws aren’t going to make a difference in the landfill like they say it is. I think it’s nuts,” said John Gould.

“I absolutely think it’s a good idea, but I also think it’s a smaller part of the bigger problem,” said Mary Kay Barrett. “The bigger problem is I think you have to look at all this plastic stuff that’s out there in the environment…and maybe they want to start with the straws.”

The city plans to discuss a similar ordinance of what’s being done in Seattle, Washington and San Francisco, California, a measure that bans full-service restaurants from offering straws unless the customer asked. If the business does, it could receive $25 fine.

“A little nuts, you know, ‘Can I have a straw please?’ That’s a little crazy,” Gould said.

The move to rid of these plastic tubes is spreading a push to prevent water pollution and overwhelming landfills.

“It is a concern,” Barrett said. “I’m glad someone is making attention to it, bringing some awareness to it, and maybe that’s the best place to start-very small. To me, you can start with the plastic bags. Just go back to the paper bags at the grocery store, and that would be a way, too.”

However, people with disabilities say they depend on straws.

“People who can’t hold cups wouldn’t be able to drink,” said Michelle Fridley, who’s a quadriplegic. “People who can’t hold cups wouldn’t be able to drink. The potential for somebody drinking a cup of coffee that is fed to them, it could pour down on them.”

Whitcomb said members would consider exceptions for people with medical needs.

“That would be wonderful,” Fridley said.

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