Macedon couple prepares for rain-filled wedding day in Maui

A Macedon couple is preparing for heavy rainfall where they are staying in Maui as they prepare for Hurricane Lane.

They are also putting the finishing touches on their wedding day.

It’s the calm before the storm where Samantha Powers and her fiancé John Stanley are staying.

“Everybody is outside for like 15 minutes and then it gets really crazy for about half an hour and the whole place disappears,” they explained.

The couple is preparing for their wedding. They’re eloping on a beach on Monday.

“We are going, exactly, we are doing this, going at it full throttle,” said Powers.

It’s a day they’ve planned and saved for. However, it’s a vacation they never imagined would involve a hurricane.

“It just gets it gets 70-80 miles gusts it feels like you are going to fall over it’s crazy,” they said.

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