15th annual Musselman Triathlon results

The fifteenth-annual Musselman Triathlon was contested Sunday, July 15. The  race, consisting of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike, and a 13.1-mile run, saw competitors come from  across the country and Canada.

Awards were five-deep in the male and female categories:

5. 4:36:51 John Chambers
4. 4:26:32 Henry Tragle
3. 4:26:08 Jesse Vondracek
2. 4:22:15 Nathan Miller
1. 4:06:53 Nick Marcantonio

5. 5:15:16 Kristin Su
4. 5:08:38 Katie Clayton
3. 5:07:37 Jennifer Clark
2. 4:58:54 Megan Leubner
1. 4:57:36 Laura Specker Sullivan

The Musselman also features its signature DoubleMussel, a special category in which athletes who raced  both the half, on Sunday, and the shorter mini-Mussel, on Saturday, saw their times for both races  combined in consideration for awards. Prizes in this category were three-deep in both male and female:

3. 6:28:15 Mark Klemann
2. 6:08:54 Andy Wooding
1. 6:04:01 Robert Ordish

3. 6:55:25 Lea Warden
2. 6:47:21 Donna Smyers
1. 6:43:45 Friederike Edelmann


The Musselman also offers a special swim/bike only category known as the ‘AquaBike’, a race targeting  those who have difficulty running for a number of reasons. Prizes in this category were three-deep in  both male and female:

3. 3:12:07 Chuck Coyle
2. 2:58:48 Dean Haspela
1: 2:54:33 Ryan Lawrence

3: 3:27:40 Gillian Micoli
2. 3:27:1 Jody Dushay
1. 3:21:05 Elizabeth Golden


This year was the fifteenth anniversary of the popular multisport event, which has been cited as among  the best in the world by Triathlete Magazine, Inside Triathlon Magazine, and Triathlon Business  International, among others.

“Other events come and go, but the Musselman Triathlon has a loyal following that keeps coming back,”  says race director Rich Clark. “A surprising number of athletes were first-time Musselman triathletes this  year, and many of those told us they’d heard about the race from friends who had raced it before and  talked it up. It’s that kind of word-of-mouth promotion that will keep this race going for years to come.”


Full results are available at www.musselmantri.com. Another press release will be distributed Sunday night with results from the Musselman and the DoubleMussel.

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