All that Naples has to offer

Good wine, food, waterfalls, and people. What more do you need?

At the southwest end of the Finger Lakes lays a gold mine of hidden treasures. From Conesus to Skaneateles the region is rich food, drink, and things to do.

It’s impossible to be bored in Naples. The small town nestled south of Canandaigua and Honeoye lakes is loaded with food and culture. Settled in 1789, it has no shortage of roots and history that enhance its charm.

Roots Cafe sits on Main Street in Naples, continuously racking up great reviews. The beautiful blue and purple building sits back off the road, and with the string lights on the porch the whimsical-looking restaurant draws eyes to it. With a menu that focuses on local and seasonal items the bounty served changes from time-to-time. It’s what keeps customers coming back for more. “I love the atmosphere. The wraparound porch, the scenery, everything” says Madison Kimball, loyal Roots customer “Not to mention the food is so good for the soul, they have grass fed beef! You really can’t beat it.”

A staple of the Naples community is Bob & Ruth’s. A classic restaurant in the heart of town offers comfortable and familiar American food that patrons love. At least Wyatt Conklin, a business owner who frequents Bob & Ruths seems to think so. “It’s just so comfortable. It really doesn’t get any better… And you always have to top off your meal with ice cream, it’s the only way to go.” After the main course Bob & Ruth’s ice cream is something few skip.

Brew and Brats is a restaurant specializing in German cuisine. Up on a hill the open-air dining style and amazing selection of beer, Arbor Hill wine, and live music creates a truly unique summer atmosphere for groups of all sizes.

Tannery Creek is a small and not-so-public destination for hikers. A beautiful and relaxing experience – climb any of the three small waterfalls that are found on the main trail. Upon reaching the swimming hole hikers can then climb up about 100 feet to another flat creek. “The creek is beautiful, rain or shine. The views are plucked straight out of amagazine. I love going there with my friends, it’s a great way to spend the day” says Sarah Posick, student and avid hiker.

Along with Tannery Creek, Hi Tor and Grimes Glen are other popular hiking spots for locals and visitors. And among Brew & Brats and Roots there are endless places in Naples for food, wine, and good times.

Coming up September 29th-30th the town of Naples will host its annual grape festival. For all ages and interests, this festival is a beautiful and eclectic collaboration. Finger Lakes artists, food, music, and especially pie convene for a lively weekend on the tail end of summer. Well worth the trip, the Grape Fest draws many people to Naples who upon going once, always love to come back.

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FL1 Reporter Addilys Geitner is an intern from Nazareth College in Rochester. The junior has roots in Bloomfield, but is reporting on stories throughout the Western Finger Lakes. Follow Addilys on Twitter @AddilysGeitner, or email [email protected]

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