Maximilien Reynolds, accused of possessing arsenal in Collegetown, waives hearing

A former Cornell student accused of possessing bomb-making materials and other weapons and combat gear, has waived his right to a detention hearing and will receive a mental health evaluation.

Maximilien Reynolds, 19, is charged with possession of a destructive device and a silencer, as well as aiding and abetting the straw purchase of a rifle. The latter charge refers to the criminal act in which a person who is prohibited from buying firearms uses another person to buy a gun on their behalf.

Reynolds was detained Thursday, after police searched his Collegetown apartment in the 100-block of Dryden Road in Ithaca.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and a federal court judge did not have any objections for Reynolds to undergo a mental health evaluation, according to an order Friday from the U.S. District Court in Syracuse.

“Based upon the request and statements of Defendant’s counsel, the Government’s
consent to the examination, and my observations during the hearing on March 16, 2018, I find the existence of a substantial question as to whether Defendant is able to fully understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him and to properly assist in his defense,” the judge said in the court order.

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