Light accumulation likely tonight as snow returns to the Finger Lakes

We may have missed the big snows from the coastal storm that dumped measurable snow on those up-and-down the East Coast — but it doesn’t mean we’re seeing spring-like conditions.

Forecasters say that measurable snow is coming — but won’t make it to the region until this evening and overnight. As the nor’easter pulls off the coast — the lake effect machine will pickup with some light to moderate accumulation in the Finger Lakes.

Most of the region should only see 2-4 inches of snow, but those along the coast and in the Bristol Hills could see upwards of 4-6 inches by morning.

Temperatures will hover around 30 degrees, or push into the low-30s for those locations that get some breaks of sun during the afternoon. With the addition of a light breeze — it will feel like mid-winter, instead of late-winter or early-spring.

The pattern looks like it will remain active over the next several days in the region.

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