FOR SALE: Cranebrook Golf Course hits the market, but could be subdivided

Cranebrook Golf Course has hit the market for $350,000.

The course, which is located in Throop, is a 9-hole track and features public play and multiple annual leagues. According to records with Cayuga County — the property is assessed at $393,000.

Stephen Ansteht, who’s the property’s listing agent told the Auburn Citizen that the plan is to sell the property as a ‘turnkey golf course’.

“It’s a beautiful piece of property,” Ansteth explained. “There has been a lot of interest in a very short amount of time.”

There’s a back up plan, though, and golfers won’t like it.

If the property cannot be sold as a golf course — it will be broken down into four separate parcels, which are broken down as follows:

– A 6.5-acre lot, which includes the clubhouse and garage for $159,000;
– A 30-acre lot for $125,000;
– A 5.8-acre lot for $19,500; and
– A 5.2-acre lot for $18,850.

The Town of Throop would need to approve the subdivision, but it’s primarily being viewed as a backup option for the time being. The Port Byron boys golf team plays their matches at the 9-hole course.

In 2014 the course made headlines when two teens were accused of causing $11,000 worth of damage. The 16-year-old duo was said to have driven golf carts across the property and into a pond.

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