FLCC grad making wine from grapes grown on a rooftop in Brooklyn

New York City boasts some of the most expensive food and beverage items in the country, but when the $1,000 bottle of wine Devin Shomaker is vinting is ready, it will be known for more than just the price. The grapes are being grown on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York, the first attempt ever in the world to create a commercially viable rooftop vineyard.

Shomaker, the founder of Rooftop Reds, knows that Brooklyn is not where most people would expect a new wine-growing region to take shape. But he is betting that understanding the science of wine will lead to success in a nonconventional geography.

“There is a whole mysticism around wine culture, but how many people know what vines need to grow and prosper? Viticulture management comes down to science, and that is what we are proving out on the rooftop,” said Shomaker.

Shomaker began studying viticulture in 2012 at Finger Lakes Community College in upstate New York, the largest wine-producing region in New York State. Even though he was surrounded by wine trails, lakes and waterfalls, Shomaker kept thinking of New York City.

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