Major infrastructure projects on tap for Seneca, Ontario, Wayne counties outlined

Infrastructure is always scrutinized by officials and taxpayers.

Universally, the condition of local roads is something that has been questioned, debated, and discussed at-length throughout all levels of government.

On Wednesday, Sen. Pam Helming (R-54) announced road paving projects in the 54th District, which will be completed this summer – totaling $6.24 million in local investment.

According to the Senator, these projects are meant to enhance safety and improve traffic flow, complimenting the Finger Lakes’ comprehensive plan to drive economic growth and community development.

The following projects will be completed this summer and fall:

  • 6.9 miles on Route 14 from Route 104 to the village of Sodus Point in the town of Sodus in Wayne County in the amount of $600,000
  • 3 miles on Route 370 between Route 104 and Westbury Road in the towns of Wolcott and Butler in Wayne County in the amount of $1 million
  • 2.4 miles on Route 247 from just north of County Route 18 to Routes 5&20 in the towns of Gorham and Hopewell in Ontario County in the amount of $400,000
  • 11 miles on Routes 5&20 between Lakeshore Drive and the Seneca/Geneva town line in the towns of Hopewell and Seneca in Ontario County in the amount of $3.4 million
  • 7 miles on Routes 5&20 between Route 96A and Waterloo in the town of Waterloo in Seneca County in the amount of $840,000

“These projects to repave and repair roadways across the Wayne County/Finger Lakes region will not only ensure that motorists have safe, smooth roads to drive on as they travel throughout our communities but also turn businesses and industries into destinations along these roads. Including money in the state budget this year to both maintain the roadways of the Finger Lakes region and support the businesses and industries around the area was a top priority for me,” Sen. Helming added.

She concluded that these maintenance projects will keep roadways throughout the district in good condition and prevent more costly and in-depth repairs in the future.

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