Finger Lakes region gets a new partner

The Finger Lakes brand is expanding.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Rochester Tuesday to break ground on a $60 million renovation of the Greater Rochester International Airport. On its face, the event had all the familiar trappings of good political credit-taking — thanks and praise all around from Rochester city, county and business leaders. Lots of applause. And shovels of dirt turned.

But for residents of the Finger Lakes, the event may have appeared a bit startling. Using this announcement, Cuomo has clearly started officially merging Rochester and the Finger Lakes into one region.

From the video prepared for this event to the graphics that popped up behind the Governor as he spoke, it was clear Rochester with its soon-to-be-state-of-the-art airport was being recast as the “front door” of the Finger Lakes. Some of the slides actually dropped “Rochester” in favor of “Finger Lakes.’’

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