Deputies: Couple smoked crack in front of infant, tried to run over person

Deputies in Wayne County say a couple committed crimes, and smoked crack cocaine in front of their 7-week-old baby.

David Pinaire, 27, and his girlfriend Keilah Hart, 27, have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Court documents even show that the duo admitted to smoking crack cocaine in front of their infant child.

When the pair was stopped, the stem of a crack pipe was located in the car — but officials say no drug charges were pressed against them at the time.

“We don’t have any chemical evidence,” said Chief Deputy Stephen Sklenar to 13WHAM News. “We never saw them smoke it. She told us she was smoking it. We never saw him driving the car.”

Hart is accused of stealing checks from a family member. The two lived with the family member, according to deputies, and she stole checks from that individual.

She is charged with second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. Deputies say she was the one who forged the stolen checks from the family member, who testified in court that he more than $2,000 stolen from him over the period of time.

All of this took place before an event on Monday.

Deputies were called to the area of the post office in Palmyra around 3:52 am for the report of a robbery.

They say it wasn’t a robbery, though. “What we had was three people who went to the city to smoke crack cocaine. They ran out of money, so they came back,” he explained.

Deputies say Hart messaged a friend — Denise Roller — asking if she knew anyone who could “deposit checks in the ATM for her.” She told her friend that the money was for baby food and diapers.

Roller then called a friend of hers — identified as Bill Bordener, to see if Hart could use his bank account to deposit checks through the ATM.

Hart and Pinaire allegedly drove to Manchester, picked up Roller and Border, and then headed to Community Bank on E. Main St in the Village of Palmyra, according to deputies.

Whether it was an issue with the ATM — or just bad timing — the machine repeatedly read that Bordner had a negative $148 balance, according to deputies. To make the transaction work he even tried changing his PIN at the ATM.

That didn’t work either.

Hart and Pinaire then got angry.

Bordner reported in court documents that Pinaire threatened to, “break my hip and stick a crack pipe in my neck.” In the same deposition, Roller said, “He (Pinaire) was going to punch me in the face. I told him, ‘I was pregnant.’ He said, “I don’t care – your face ain’t pregnant.'”

Deputies said that Roller then got ‘scared’ and fled across the street to Dunkin Donuts — located next to the post office.

Pinaire tried to hit the two with his car multiple times in the post office parking lot — all the while his 7-week-old infant was in the vehicle.

Pinaire was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment.

Additional charges are pending, but the next court appearance for the duo is on May 9th in Palmyra Village Court.

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