Yates County Sheriff’s Office releases annual report

The Yates County Sheriff’s Office has released their annual report of activity. Sheriff Ron Spike said it was an active year, but one that his force handled well.

The following highlights were released from his office:

County Jail

‒ 347 jail admissions (262 males and 85 females) committed into the jail facility with 47 admissions to the pre arraignment detention lock-up.

‒ Highest any day jail population was 68 inmates with average daily population of 50.

‒ 5,983 persons visited inmates on the designated two days each week.

‒ Correction Officers completed 764 prisoner transports to courts and other appointments,

‒ The jail kitchen staff served 50,782 meals to inmates.

‒ The Sheriff’s Weekend Alternative Program (SWEAP) had 41 participants being supervised by officers for a total of 2,626 man-hours involving 708 projects for governmental and non for profits in Yates County.

‒ Jail revenue accounted for nearly $254,000.

The unusual jail occurrence was the birth of a baby to an inmate. Spike said the jail provided a nursery setting as required by law for mother and child.

Court Security

‒ Cleared 25,621 individuals entering into the county court house through the magnetometer and x-ray station, and secured 3,341 unauthorized instruments (knives, razors, scissors, etc.).

‒ Provided court security for over 2,700 court related cases.

‒ Responded to 74 incidents with some at the County Office Building,

‒ Took 25 individuals court ordered into custody for transport to the jail.

Emergency 911 Dispatch

‒ Handled nearly 21,000 calls for service with over 15,000 assigned to law enforcement, 1,400 calls to fire departments, and over 2,200 assigned to emergency medical services.

‒ Serious calls involved fatal and serious motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, weather incidents, serious injuries, and a homicide case.


‒ Traveled over 537,000 miles while on road patrol and or investigating crimes.

‒ Handled 942 motor vehicle accidents including 418 property damage types, 114 involving personal injury and 365 involving car-deer collisions. There were 3 fatalities.

‒ Issued nearly 900 traffic tickets

‒ Nearly 500 criminal arrests involving 759 charges.

‒ 81 drug possession arrests and 30 arrests for illegal sale.

‒Administered Narcan several times as county-wide in 2016 there were 45 opioid overdose cases with 4 deaths associated.

‒ Handled nearly 12,000 calls for police services and assisted other agencies 333 times.

‒ 45 missing person cases were investigated and located.

‒ Investigated one murder case when a discarded body was found in the town of Jerusalem. Deputies did a thorough crime scene investigation and later identified the body from a Monroe County Sheriff’s murder scene. Four arrests were made associated with the case.

‒ Road patrol force struggled with manpower shortages. At one time there were three new recruits in three different training academies.

‒ Checked 94 motor vehicles for child passenger seat installations and issued 60 free seats to indigent parents.

‒ Performed 188 “dark house” property checks.

‒ K-9 unit was used 128 times, most often for narcotic searches.

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