Geneva plans ‘May Maintenance Month’

This year the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center (GNRC) is launching a new campaign: May Maintenance Month! There will be tools and resources available throughout the month for neighbors to use to look at their house and come up with some very simple changes that they can do to make their homes, streets, and neighborhoods even better.

This is a city-wide, all 11 neighborhood program that will start on May 1, 2017. There will be small incentives as the month goes on for neighbors and neighborhood associations to be entered in for tasks that they have done. This is to encourage every resident (property owner or renter) to get involved to make their home shine! Be on the look out for more information coming from our office throughout the month.

Neighborhood Associations will be working within the neighborhoods in May to make a large impact in our city, not just their home, with small changes in their neighborhood. There may be some projects that neighborhoods take on that might not be done during the month of May as their strategy and ideas has a larger impact with more coordination. If you would like to get involved in this new tradition please contact the GNRC office at [email protected] or 315-828-6588.

“In our work at the GNRC, we know that neighbors take pride in where they live. They want their neighborhood to be one that is desirable for people to rent, own, and raise a family in. This May Maintenance Month will be such a wonderful partnership for each home, street, neighborhood, and ward to continue to contribute to making our city look the best it can as a team effort.” says Rhonda Everdyke, Director of Communications and Engagement.

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