Taxpayers sound off on possible staff cuts, tax levy at Auburn school district forum

The Auburn Enlarged City School District’s public forum on the proposed 2017-2018 budget on Tuesday night was intended to be about the district’s finances, but to others, it was about much more.

“One thing that I have a huge issue with tonight is that all I’m hearing talked about is numbers,” said taxpayer Kara Georgi. “And we’re forgetting that these numbers relate back to kids, they relate back to the staff who do outstanding programming for our kids; who are trying to reach out to our families.”

While Georgi said she acknowledged the Auburn school board members have to make difficult decisions, she added that they should go into the schools and get to know the staff and programs that might get cut due to the district’s approximately $3.6 million deficit.

“If we just boil it down and look at numbers — this teacher has that many students, that teacher has that many — that is not all of what makes education, education. Education is about the lives that are changing and growing and shaping every single day,” Georgi said.

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