Health Department forces changes to Ma Bailey’s Hot & Hearty soup & chili cook-off at IAWL Fest

For many years merchants have participated in the IAWL Festival by offering a Ma Bailey’s Hot & Hearty soup or chili to our visitors on Saturday during the festival. This enormously popular event which runs from 11am to when the soup runs out has been a lovely addition to bringing and keeping visitors in your business.

To make this event take place this year, we have a few obstacles to maneuver but it will be worth it should you decide to participate.

The Board of Health has notified us that no soups made in the home may be served. All soups and chili’s must be made in “certified” kitchens, or you may purchase commercially made prepackaged soup to reheat in your business or “made on premises” (meaning the entire food prep and cook must take place in your business where it is being served). What this boils down to is this: to participate, you must either make arrangements with one of our local restaurants to use their facilities, or be prepared to cook in your shop. You may not accept food from a family member or friend who has prepared it in their home!

Local restaurants where you may be welcome are Parkers, Downtown Deli, Gould Hotel…and perhaps others you may know of. Perhaps your church kitchen is certified by the Board of Health? You must make arrangements to be able to cook in their kitchens during their slower times.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE… You must notify Becky Bly of Woman Made Products ([email protected]) immediately and tell her when/where/how your soup will be made. The Board of Health will be notified that you are participating and may choose to check your equipment to see that proper cooling & heating temps are being observed. They will be making the rounds during the festival and any chili which has not conformed to these rules will not be allowed to be served. This is for both ours and our customers safety. No one wants to make anyone sick or pay the price of doing the same.

As in the past, SFBA will supply all the signs, bowls, spoons, napkins, donation jars, and list of participants… everything you need to make Ma Bailey’s Hot & Hearty a success. You must come and pick up your bag of supplies. I will not deliver to you! SO, come on Friday, before you realize you have soup and no cups on Saturday, and get yours. Everything will be waiting for you at WomanMade Products.

If you want to participate in Clarence’s Heavenly Confections on Sunday, that will be an easy one!!! Generally cookies and treats have not been an issue with the Board of Health, and as I never have time to bake, I just purchase treats from the grocers and put them on a tray. Providing something for your customers is a sure way to keep them browsing longer! I will have your sign and list of participants for that one also. Get it when you come!!!


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