Clown sighting confirmed in Canandaigua; but was only a 16-year-old youth

A “creepy clown” sighting in the town of Canandaigua Saturday evening has been confirmed by authorities, though it turned out to be nothing more threatening than a 16-year-old walking on a rural road near his home.┬áThe youth was wearing a black striped clown outfit and a clown mask, Ontario County Undersheriff David Tillman said Monday. It was a rainy, gloomy evening, which made the costumed youth seem more out of place and, perhaps, more menacing.

“He was walking around in the pouring rain in the dark, and before I stopped and confronted him he was coming out of a yard,” said Michael Cuppernell, who called 911 about his encounter and then posted about it on Facebook. At least one other person reportedly accosted the mask-wearing youth.

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