LETTER: Daughter of candidate for 54th District offers insight, reasons why Manktelow is ‘best choice’

To Voters of the 54th District:

My name is Erica Manktelow, and I would like to take a moment to tell you why I believe my dad, Brian Manktelow, is the most suitable candidate running for New York State Senate District 54. My dad is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. Never have I met someone who is so committed to taking care of others’ needs and concerns over his own.

My dad is fully involved in his community. He worked tirelessly to raise my four younger siblings, as well as myself. He is a proud grandfather to my own toddler son. He is a faithful church member and a veteran working tirelessly for the rights of others veterans. My brother is a Marine currently serving our country and my dad couldn’t be any prouder.

As a small business owner, my dad knows first hand how difficult it is for residents of New York State to build a successful business. As a farmer, he understands the struggles of high input and low outcome. He also understands every farmer’s reality, which involves being at the mercy of the weather.

As Lyons Town Supervisor during the dissolution of the Village it created a double-workload, which didn’t phase him. My dad continued to demonstrate his ability to lead under any circumstances — even challenging ones, which he continues doing today.

Growing up with the unconditional love and support of my dad — he was so much more than just a parent. I am proud to call him my dad, but even prouder to call him my best friend.

He fights for the things and people he believes in, and doesn’t let anything compromise that. Whatever life throws his way — good or bad — my dad makes the best of it and continues on with a positive attitude.

This is why I believe Brian Manktelow (my father) is the best choice for the 54th District. His hard work, strong ethics and dedication to those he serves are qualities that make him worthy of your vote.

An abundance of experience is more important than being able to throw large sums of money at a campaign. If he has the chance to serve the 54th District as Senator, as well as he served me as my father, the region will have a chance to thrive like never before.

Erica Manktelow
Lyons, New York

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