Seneca Falls water system could experience issues

The Town of Seneca Falls is working on milling and paving several streets in the area. While completing this operation the contractors will need to draw water from the Town of Seneca Falls Water Department system to use with their equipment, possible creating an issue of cloudy or brown water, and lower than normal pressure. This discolored water is sediment that settles to the bottom of our distribution system. Having discolored water, and lower than normal pressure are likely signs of a disturbance in the system. The areas that may see issues from this activity: on the north side of the canal, range East to West from Cayuga to Clinton Streets, and North to South from Tyre Avenue to Fall Street, including State St., Troy St., Boston Ave., Porter St., Mynderse St., Van Cleef St., Daniels St., and John St., Jefferson St., North and South Park Streets.On the south side of the canal, East to West from Ovid St., to California Ave., and North to South from West Bayard St., to Shamrock Ave., including all of Bridge St., Smith St., Mechanic St., Maynard St., Seneca Ln., Barker St., and Center St. When discolored water is seen, run the cold water in one location, until it runs clear. This can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 15 to 20. Try not to draw discolored water in to your hot water tank, it will take longer to resolve the issue. The pressure issue will resolve itself, when they draw is complete. There is the potential to experience these issues on and off over the next month or so.We apologize for any of the issues you may experience due to this work. We also hope that our community can appreciate the small inconveniences we all must endure to allow for upkeep and improvement. If you have questions or concerns, contact the Town of Seneca Falls Water Department at 315-568-6211.

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