SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Money will play a big role locally on Election Day

Are voters energized for the upcoming elections?

Midterm elections are a challenge to forecast. Typically it’s an opportunity for the party not in control, to leverage some energy from their base – and take control of Congress or Senate. While some are talking about the prospect of a Blue Wave, Leslie Danks Burke of the Trailblazers PAC sees this election cycle as an opportunity for voters to get engaged.


She agreed that a ‘blue wave’ was possible given the energy and enthusiasm expressed by voters. Her organization, the Trailblazers PAC, works with candidates who publicly document where all campaign funds are coming from – and ensuring that a percentage of their campaign dollars come from in-district donors.

“Folks are starting to get a little better educated in terms of what they’re expecting out of candidates,” she explained. “I don’t think it’s just a left-right spectrum anymore either – we’ve got a full-sphere of people’s opinions out there and at all corners we’re seeing enormous political engagement.”

She called the engagement ‘exciting’ and noted that individual races – like those for major congressional districts locally – as well as statewide races – like the one for Governor – aren’t always played on an even scale.

Burke talked about the financial difference between Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, and challenger Marc Molinaro, the Republican. While Molinaro had just a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank at last check – Gov. Cuomo had millions. She noted that not having the Republican Party step in and ‘level’ the financial playing field – does a disservice to the Republican voters who would otherwise want to see Cuomo out of office.

Throughout her conversation with Josh Durso on Inside the FLX – the dollars-and-cents of political campaigns really make a big difference. Her point being, if an entity like New York’s Republican Party put their thumb on the scale to ‘even’ the financial playing field – Molinaro would have a more-realistic chance of winning in November.

Burke also talked about the Reed-Mitrano race, as well as the Katko-Balter contest shaping up in the 23rd and 24th districts.

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