Inside the FLX: Newest members of SF Town Council

For the two newest members of the Seneca Falls Town Council the mission is simple:Make a difference in Seneca Falls.Both Annette Lutz and Mary Sarratori had been involved with the community previously. As they explained on this week’s episode of Inside the FLX it came down to a combination of timing, and availability that made them increasingly interested in the two seats vacated by James Ricci and Chad Sanderson.Now, the two will face re-election in a special election, which will be held in November for the remainder of the vacated terms. Sarratori explained that her motivation to get involved with local politics stemmed from seeing others her age not represented in the political system. A problem that she believes is big picture, stemming far beyond the borders of Seneca Falls or Seneca County. “As a 36-year-old we have such an amazing group of people involved in the community, but no one that really speaks for us on the board,” Sarratori explained. This feeling she described played a major role in her desire to join Town Council. She continued, pointing out that a major goal of hers moving forward would be to make sure that young families, like her own, are represented and have a voice.Lutz spoke about the newfound respect she gained for “anyone sitting on a board,” at any level. The transition from spectator to Town Council member was an experience like few she had ever encountered. One major frustration felt by the two new members was the communication of information before meetings. Previously, large packets of information on the subjects likely to be voted on during meetings would be distributed just 24-hours before the meeting. It was a system that gave both of the new Town Council members a shock, as well as a reminder that things needed to change. Now, those packets for council members are distributed days earlier, providing more time for review, which provides more time for asking questions and speaking with those involved.While the subject of landfilling came up during the interview, much of what the pair wants to see built upon in Seneca Falls pertains to growth. When asked what issues she felt were most-important and least-discussed currently, Lutz said, “There’s so many other things to talk about in Seneca Falls. Revitalizing downtown, bringing businesses back, sprucing up the canal front.”Both are hopeful that utilizing technology, and getting young people involved in the community will help not only make Seneca Falls better – but also work to ensure that those young people are retained. While the two care deeply about Seneca Falls, they have very realistic goals and expectations for a community that they believe should be better.The pair confirmed that they will pursue the two Town Council seats they were appointed to this November.Check out the entire interview in the video above.

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