Restoring the Keuka Maid

Those of you who live in the Finger Lakes undoubtedly remember the Keuka Maid which sailed out of Hammondsport, NY. My wife and I had dinner on the Keuka Maid probably about 10 years ago and many folks who live in the Finger Lakes have partied on the Keuka Maid or perhaps were even married on the Keuka Maid. But the old girl fell on hard times. She was more like a floating hotel than a boat as she gained a lot of weight over the years and her bottom leaked so badly that the nearby fire company in Hammondsport had to keep pumping her out to keep her afloat!Towards the end of 2012, the Keuka Maid was sold at auction and purchased by Jeremy Fields of the Fields Construction Company for $26,000. During January of 2013, Jeremy’s crew began dissembling the Keuka Maid and then moved all of the pieces over to his Marina in Woodsville, NY – a small hamlet which sits at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake. The little hamlet of Woodsville is historically significant. During the steamboat era the steamboats stopped there to be refueled with wood as they journeyed around Canandaigua Lake.Click here to read more…

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