Habitat For Humanity has urgent need for help

The Habitat for Humanity home being built in Seneca Falls is in great need of assistance in a particular area. Below is the message being shared by the current volunteers on-site:The roofing job for the HFH house is in dire need of some experienced help in getting it completed. We have been working on this roof for far too long and it is putting us behind. We had all the paper on and started to put up the shingles, and sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday night most of the paper has blown off(again second time) and needs to put down again.This has been a major struggle for us. I am asking if you have any connections or have a spouse, brother or friends who might be able to help us tackle this roof it would be wonderful. We are working tonight and all day Saturday and wouldn’t it be great if we could get this roof completed. Please see if you can get any help for this part of the build it would be greatly appreciated.

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