Bad Blood Boils In Auburn

No charges will be filed inconnection with the “behind closed doors blood brawl” last week at an Auburn City Council meeting.Both Mayor Tim Lattimore and City Councilor David Dempsey have written letters of apology, but the bad-blood continues to boil. The Syracuse Post Standard says it was trash talk that lead to the fight between the city officials. Expletives were uttered, fist-a-cuffs ensued, and at one point the two men had each other by the neck according to police affidavits. Three others- councilors Thomas McNabb, William Jacobs, and Robert Hunter were in the room when the fighting started, all three left the room without attempting to breakup the fight or call for help. Mayor Lattimore suffered a black eye and a cut above the eye that requried 6-stitches. The mayor says he never delivered a blow, one of the councilors says it was the mayor that threw the first punch. Police reports say Lattimore and one point, landed under a conference table as Dempsy continued to deliver five or six blows. The brawl apparently was over serveral issues including whether to renew City Manager John Salmone’s contract, and the recent handling of the severance agreement of Salmone’s former secretary. Lattimore is calling for Dempsey to step down from the city council, Dempsey says he’ll continue to serve on the council. Salamone says he’ll seek legal advise about his options regarding statements made by the mayor.


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