New Study: Seneca Falls Air Unhealty

An Associated Press report says three neighborhoods in Seneca County are among the worst in the nation for industrial air pollution. AP used data from the Environmental Protection Agency to come up with a list of the neighborhoods in New York that are among the top five percent in the nation in terms of health risk from industrial plant emissions. The story did not list the neighborhoods involved, but the AP website has a searchable database. When the Finger Lakes News Network entered Fall Street and Cayuga Street in Seneca Falls into the database, the results showed that those neighborhoods have 69 and 44 times the national average health risk from industrial pollutants.And as you travel down East Bayard Street Street in Seneca Falls- it gets worse according to the data. That neighborhood shows air pollution is 101.8 times the average for neighborhoods nationwide, making it among the worst 5 percent in the country for health risks from industrial air pollution. Monroe County overall has the worst air in the state, with 63 neigborhoods in the top five percent of nation’s most unhealthy neighborhoods. You can enter your street and see the results at: http://pollution.ap.org.


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