Waterloo village comprehensive plan lists 59 goals over 10 years

An ambitious comprehensive plan for this village of just over 5,000 people will go before the Village Board for adoption Jan. 14.

It includes 59 goals to achieve in 12 categories over the next 10 years. The goals are divided into immediate, ongoing, short-term and long-term.

Here’s a look at some of the immediate goals:

NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT: Ensure that DEC regulations on stormwater pollution prevention plans are strictly followed for all new developments and are properly implemented and managed. Regularly review and revise, as needed, all local regulations on stormwater runoff and retention to maximize protection of surface and groundwater resources.

Discourage new development in the 100-year flood plain and prohibit development on steep slopes.

Encourage energy conservation and efficiencies and promote the use of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geo-thermal and co-generation. Update street lighting and lighting in all municipal buildings to LEED standards. Publicize the availability of free or low cost energy audits to homeowners and businesses and seek grant funds to assist property owners to make their properties more energy efficient and environmentally sound.

Review and amend land use regulations.

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