Is it safe to use a marriage agency to find a match?

Many people today do not have time for searching of a potential date, due to being busy at work and taking care of other daily routine chores. Some people do not have a social circle wide enough to have a possibility of meeting new people on a regular basis. Other people still may have time-consuming hobbies that do not suggest much communication. Somebody may be simply too shy to go and say hello to a stranger, even at the party where everyone is friendly and open for talking.

For such cases, using a reliable dating agency seems to be a reasonable option, but many people are reluctant about it. They are not sure whether it is appropriate, whether somebody likes their profile, whether it costs much money and whether all this hurdle will ever bring any result. But these doubts are pretty groundless and are based on old stereotypes. In Europe, for example, lots of people are using different platforms to find dates; marriage agency CupidTrust in Norway reports hundreds of happy couples who found each other via the dating platforms. So, this method is pretty practical.

Safety of Marriage Agencies

The only thing that the potential user of a marriage platform should consider is the safety of the platform. It means that the platform offers real profiles of real people, does not use fakes or bots, does not gather users’ data to exploit it later or to sell to the third parties, and provides safety of payment in case the person wants to pay for additional services. All these aspects can be checked by the potential user by research, reading the reviews, and contacting the Customer Support.

Another aspect about the marriage and dating agencies is whether one will be able to find a match there. However, this is not about safety, but rather about efficiency. Practice shows that such platforms are in most cases safe enough, and also efficient enough. It also depends on other users; if the users provide little, or fake information about themselves, their profiles may not be informative enough for the search software, and therefore each and every user eventually gets a smaller number of profiles for communication after the search.

In order not to be cheated on by users of the platform, make sure you:

  • know and follow all the rules of the platform;

  • do not engage in dubious communication with suspicious profiles;

  • are in contact with Customer Support.

Always report any suspicious behavior by any user to the Customer support, even if you like that user very much. Do not believe into “love from the first sights” on the online platform. Many marriage and dating agencies that have their websites for users provide paid consultations for their users in case of weird or complicated situations, including psychological and legal consultations.

If you are cautious, use a respected and reliable platform with a positive reputation, and follow the rules, a marriage agency is totally safe to look for a potential match.

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