Volunteer firefighters take indoor emergency training in Auburn

Volunteer firefighters learned how to deal with the hazards of an interior blaze at a training session in Auburn Saturday.

Firefighters from Sennett, Weedsport, Union Springs and other departments underwent training on indoor fires at the Cayuga County Fire Training Tower in Auburn. Volunteers have been in classes to become certified in handling interior fires.

Auburn Fire Department Capt. Matt Quill, who led the course, told attendees that communication would be key and encouraged them to learn as they went through everything.

“Today’s pace depends on you. If you’re lagging and this and that, it’s going to be a long day,” Quill said.

Quill said the volunteers would be putting out an indoor fire in a controlled environment while also getting a sense of how conditions would be in an actual incident within the realistic environment that could be provided.

The other trainers present started a fire with hay and pallets in a training building, demonstrating how the smoke rose to the top of the room, across the ceiling, and then downward. Three groups of firefighters then had to maneuver their way from one end of the building’s first floor to the other to put water on the fire while dealing with darkness and smoke.

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