Help isn’t coming to Lodi like residents expected

Nine inches of rain fell over 24 hours in the Town of Lodi, Seneca County back in August.

The rushing water tore down thousands of trees, washed mobile homes into Seneca Lake and forced several water rescues.

Thankfully, no one was injured or killed but there is likely millions of dollars in damage. Homes, cottages, camps and small businesses were destroyed.

Nearly one month later, those who live in the impacted area are still frustrated. Many people tell News10NBC they need more help than they’re receiving from the state.

The water was still rushing when News10NBC met William Shangraw nearly a month ago.

Thirty-five mobile homes in Sunset on Seneca, the mobile home park he owns, had just been washed away and his life, as he knew it, changed forever.

On Wednesday, News10NBC was told, though the water may be gone, the headache is stronger than ever.

“I kind of thought that we would get more help that would make it look better faster. I kind of assumed the piles and debris would go away a lot faster,” Shangraw says.

He thought that, he says, because the morning of the flood, Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Lodi touring the damage and promising help.

“There’s a lot of publicity that’s made for those things for politicians. I think that they come in and do their photo shoots and then leave. When I originally watched those incidents on the news, I thought that it was sustained help and come to find out, I think it’s more of, come in and get our picture taken and leave, that’s my feeling now,” he says.

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