He’s running: Ithaca area reporter wants to be your Sheriff

It’s time to re-write the rulebook when it comes to policing at the county level. At least, that’s the platform that Josh Brokaw is running on. It’s possible you already know of the former Ithaca Times writer, and current Truthsayers (online local news outlet) editor and founder. But it’s almost a guarantee you haven’t seen a sheriff candidate like Brokaw. On Aug. 21, Brokaw turned in over 1,450 signatures from county residents to the Tompkins County Board of Elections to be placed on the ballot for Sheriff.

Brokaw said that he’s running in part to keep the competition alive. Both incumbent candidate Ken Lansing, and his challenger Derek Osborne, are running as Democrats. After the Sept. 13 primary one of them will be out of the race, and Brokaw didn’t want to see an uncontested race in November.

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