SLPWA monitors find no new Seneca Lake algal blooms

The fifth week of monitoring 54 miles of Seneca Lake shoreline has not found any new Harmful Algal Blooms.

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association has been conducting the 10-week monitoring program with more than 100 volunteers since July.

“Despite the warm weather and air temperatures, choppy water conditions have discouraged the development of blooms,” said SLPWA HABs Director Frank DiOrio. “Our volunteers will continue to diligently monitor the shoreline for five more weeks and we will continue to provide bloom watch updates.”

To date, only one bloom was confirmed in Seneca Lake and that was tested and proven to not be toxic. That HAB was at Perry Point on the west side of the lake near Dresden in Yates County.

SLPWA officials say most algae is harmless and an important part of the food web. Certain types of algae can grow quickly and form blooms, which can occur in isolated locations or can cover an entire lake.

“Our monitoring program has shown that in 2015 and 2016, there were only a few isolated occurrences of HABs in Seneca Lake. Unfortunately, in 2017, HABs were widespread, covering most of the lake during the last two weeks of September,” DiOrio said.

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