Skaneateles’ graduation, other summer events stay at Clift Park despite construction

Skaneateles’ high school graduation ceremony and other summer activities will continue to take place at Clift Park this summer in the midst of construction activity.

The city of Syracuse is executing what officials are calling a critical infrastructure project, expected to be completed in October, to replace the chemical feed lines in the raw water supply intakes from Skaneateles Lake, Skaneateles Director of Municipal Operations Shannon Harty said.

“The city of Syracuse actually chlorinates the water out at the intakes out in the lake. They do it for disinfection and they do it for zebra mussel control,” Harty said. “The chlorination starts right from the minute they pull it out of the lake, and it’s really important to the village of Skaneateles that that happens because that contact time with the chlorination is critical for us to serve our customers.”

Skaneateles Lake is the source for Syracuse’s public water system, and several other area municipalities, including Skaneateles, tap into that system for their own supplies.

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