Burger Theory: New restaurant among Auburn Holiday Inn’s $3.6 million in renovations

The name of the Holiday Inn’s new restaurant, Burger Theory, isn’t just a name. It’s a hint at how you can experiment there.

The restaurant, which opens Friday, features a build-a-burger menu option with enough cheeses, sauces and toppings to create more than 4,300 possible combinations. So if you’ve ever wanted to try a triple Swiss cheese burger with roasted garlic mayonnaise, coleslaw and a fried egg, for instance, Burger Theory is your laboratory.

Chef and Director of Food and Beverage Ryan Zarbatany, of Liverpool, believes that what distinguishes the restaurant’s burgers isn’t just their variety — it’s their beef. One of about 30 Burger Theories that belong to Holiday Inns, and the only one in the Northeast, the restaurant uses a proprietary blend of Angus ground chuck, short rib and brisket for its burgers, Zarbatany said.

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