Clyde Mayor Jerry Fremouw officially announces his candidacy for 130th

It’s official now.

Clyde Mayor Jerry Fremouw announced his candidacy to succeed Assemblyman Robert Oaks in the 130th District on Friday.

“Family, friends, and supporters – this is a short message to inform you that I am at this time seeking the endorsement of the Wayne County Republican, Conservative, and Independant parties to be considered to run for the 130 Assembly District,” he said in a statement posted to Facebook. “With Assemblymen Oaks’ announcement of his retirement, it has all happened pretty fast.”

He says his experience in the Village of Clyde over the last decade, as well as his involvement with the New York Conference of Mayors makes him a candidate fit to serve the district, which spans well-beyond Wayne County.

“At this point nothing is definite, but I do believe the people of this district deserve choices and not pre-determined selections,” he continued. “My hope is that each committee in this county keeps an open mind and will let the choice be made through a primary where the people can choose who represent them.”

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