Newark mayor will seek another term; focuses on ‘quality of life’ in village

On Monday Village of Newark Mayor, Jonathan Taylor, announced he will seek re-election in the upcoming elections this Fall. Taylor has served as mayor since 2014, when he was elected to replace retiring mayor, Peter Blandino. Prior to that, Taylor served as village trustee from 2012 to 2014.

“I have really enjoyed serving this community. Over the last four years we have seen tremendous economic growth, spurred by investments in infrastructure. Many of these investments were made possible with our aggressive approach in seeking and successfully obtaining several grants,” Taylor said. “Our board has worked well together, particularly to control the village budget. This has allowed us to have three out of the last four years with zero tax increases, while improving village services including public safety. Our goal is a high quality of life for our residents.”

Taylor has worked closely with the local business community and other government entities to promote growth and make quality of life improvements within the community. The mayor and his economic development team worked with IEC executives to ensure the company would stay in Newark with its upcoming $20 million expansion at Silver Hill Technology Park. During his tenure, Taylor has worked actively with community groups to launch and plan new events such as Taste of Wayne County and Friday Night Movies in the Park. He has held numerous town hall style meetings to keep citizens apprised of plans and progress with projects such as the South Main Street reconstruction.

“Mayor Taylor has been very conscious about keeping local businesses and residents apprised of what is happening as the enormous South Main Street project is launched. Feedback from businesses and residents alike has been extremely positive in terms of communications and cooperation. We couldn’t ask for a better leader for our village, I’m happy to see him seeking re-election.” said Jessica Wells, president of the Greater Newark Chamber of Commerce.

Taylor is a lifelong resident and Newark High School graduate. He earned a degree in Animal Science from Cornell University. The mayor currently resides on West Maple Ave with his wife Cari and their two children, he works as feed manager at a local dairy farm.

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