Stormy weather possible on Tuesday; but remainder of week looks good

It’s going to feel like summer through the evening hours, but change is on the horizon — even if it’s only temporary.

Sunny skies and high temperatures near 80 will make it feel like mid-June in the Finger Lakes — but temperatures will be lower, with the higher risk for storms and rain on Tuesday.

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil says there are major uncertainties tied to Tuesday’s forecast. “A very warm, unstable air mass will try to work in from the south while a disturbance in the atmosphere swings in from the northwest,” he explained. “This combination will likely trigger a line of strong to severe thunderstorms across northern and eastern Pennsylvania. There is a chance that at least the southeastern Finger Lakes could get into enough of this unstable air to result in some potentially strong thunderstorms as well.”

Periods of rain are likely and possible for the western portions of the region — but the day won’t be a washout. By late-afternoon and evening — things should be calming down, and outdoor activity will be doable.

Beyond Tuesday — things really improve with quiet, warm weather settling into the Finger Lakes through the weekend.

Read the complete forecast here, or visit the FingerLakes1.com Weather Center.

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