Auburn residents concerned Currier Plastics expansion will increase Wright Avenue traffic

On Tuesday, Currier Plastics presented to the Auburn Planning Board plans to build a 45,000-square foot warehouse on its existing property.

The warehouse will be built on the Wright Avenue portion of the manufacturer’s facility, in the parking lot behind an existing smaller warehouse. The storage facility will be connected to the rest of the company’s compound via an elevated corridor that will pass over the brook that runs through the property. The corridor will also prevent trucks from entering Currier’s facility via Columbus Street, which they are not supposed to do. Trucks are instructed to enter the compound on Wright Avenue.

The warehouse will be built as part of a nearly $10 million expansion — the company’s second multi-million dollar expansion in the last five years. This expansion project will allow Currier to manufacture products for the medical industry, including containers for blood and urine samples, and will create 20 new jobs, while retaining 150 current employees.

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