Moravia school district debates tax levy for 2018-2019 budget

The Moravia Central School District debated which of two tax levies to present to the community for voting in May, ultimately opting to decide next month.

The board of education debated the merits of a 2.79 or 3.29 percent levy — which is the district’s tax cap allowed by the state — for the district’s 2018-2019 budget during its meeting Wednesday night.

Giving a recap of the district’s previous budget discussion with the state, Superintendent John Birmingham said he and district business administrator Jeff Lawrence recommended at the previous meeting that the board approve to go up to the cap. Birmingham said the board also asked the district to explore either a 2.29-percent tax levy or a 2.79-percent levy. The board decided later during the Wednesday meeting to abandon the 2.29-percent option.

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