Could sound waves keep harmful algal blooms from Owasco Lake?

They've worked in a New Jersey reservoir and a lake larger than Owasco Lake in Malaysia — ultra sonic buoys that keep harmful algal blooms at bay.

Could it work in Owasco? A Netherlands company thinks so.

LG Sonic gave an online presentation Tuesday to the Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council about its system of buoys that project ultrasonic sound waves at the surface of water bodies. The waves' frequencies create a sonic barrier, said the company's Chief Technology Officer Lisa Brand, that keeps harmful algae from reaching the surface to gather sunlight.

Cyanobacteria, the scientific term for Owasco Lake's harmful algae, have gas vacuoles that help them float up and down in the water. The sound waves could create enough pressure to keep them from reaching light, pushing them back down where they could not photosynthesize and eventually die. The cells would not break apart and release any toxins, Brand added.

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