Girl Scout ‘Cookie Season’ kicks off next week at Fingerlakes Mall

Next week thousands of cases of cookies will be unloaded and re-loaded onto minivans, cars, U-Haul trucks, and every other type of vehicle you could imagine — ahead of the March 1st kickoff of Girl Scout Cookie Season.

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways Communications Director Jaime Alvarez called the sight an incredible one, which she saw for the first time last year. “We’re in the midst of Girl Scout Cookie Season. It runs from January through March and Scouts have been out taking orders from folks and their families and we’ll have our big cookie deliveries and booth sales coming up in the next few weeks,” she explained.


That event next Wednesday will be a special one, though, as thousands of boxes of cookies arrive in Aurelius at the Fingerlakes Mall. “All of our very large shipments of cookies arrive and they’re all pre-orders that the girls have taken from their friends and families. A lot of those cookies will also be for booth sales, as well,” she added. “It’s really quite an impressive sight to see how much work goes into building up and getting to this point.”

It’s no easy task, either.

“All of the credit goes to our staff. They’re so well-organized,” Alvarez continued, pointing out that it becomes something of a sight — watching the boxes move from place-to-place, and vehicle-to-vehicle.

A big part of what Alvarez does is showcase all of the great things that Girl Scouts do throughout their region. “The cookie program is a very large part of the Girl Scout movement and the experience that the girls have each year after we get done with cookie season. They’ll start thinking about what they want to do with their cookie earnings and they might want to go to a Girl Scout Camp so we have four properties where we have Girl Scout Summer Camp during July and August.”

Girl Scouts is about much more than just selling cookies, though.

Alvarez said that the skills and experiences they work to provide kids with is the biggest, and most-important part of their work. “We’re trying to help the girls have the courage, confidence and character to make a difference in the world — and make it a better place for everyone,” she explained. “It’s the mission: To develop leadership and skills to our scouts.”

Listen to the entire conversation with Jaime Alvarez in the video window above.

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