Pizza pioneers: Skaneateles family celebrates 30 years of food business

At the turn of the century, Valentine Wellington was making sandwiches for workers on his Skaneateles farm when he accidentally spilled some sauce on the bread. Rather than toss the dough, the young farmer sprinkled some fresh cheese on top, creased the edge and slid it into the oven. Thus, the first local pizza was formed — or so the O'Connor family says.

For the past 30 years, Patrick and Cathy O'Connor have shared Wellington's story in the village of Skaneateles, where the couple owns and operates a pizzeria and deli. Dubbed Valentine's Delicatessen, the eatery honors Cathy's great-grandfather, the founder of fresh-dough pizza. But Patrick said there's one other ingredient customers should keep in mind:

"You have to take that story with a grain of salt, I guess," he said, laughing.

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