As Wells College looks to get out of water business, harmful algal bloom measures addressed

Wells College has been providing water for the village of Aurora since the 1920s, but the water plant is old and needs to be replaced, President Jonathan Gibralter said.

“The reason we had a water plant is because we owned most of the village,” Gibralter said. But over the years that has changed as Wells has sold many of its houses and commercial properties in the village. “Now, really the only thing that the Wells College water plant supplies water for, that’s relevant to Wells, is the main campus.”

Every morning the Wells water plant draws in 85,000 gallons of water from Cayuga Lake to filter and pump to the campus' water tower, and then the water also continues through the system and leaves the campus through a water main that feeds the rest of Aurora and its water tower, Gibralter explained.

“I want to make it clear that we’ve had no problems with our water plant, we reliably pump water every day, we reliably filter that water,” Gibralter said on Tuesday. “But the water plant is old, it’s 85 years old, and it needs to be replaced."

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