Town of Waterloo responds to issues in state audit

The town has prepared a corrective action plan in response to the State Comptroller’s Office audit of town finances.

The audit listed criticisms of the town for its separation payments to two former town employees and for its water and sewer billing practices and lack of oversight.

“It’s not that bad of an audit,” said outgoing Supervisor Gary Westfall.

Regarding the separation payments, he said, the town did away with sick time accumulation because officials felt it was being abused.

“So we went with a lump sum settlement payment upon retirement, paid for from a reserve fund for that purpose,” Westfall said. “We also want to turn water and sewer billing all over to the village. If not, we would contract that billing out.”

In a Dec. 4 letter to the Comptroller’s Office in Rochester, Westfall agreed with the criticisms and listed these steps that have or will be taken:

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