Weedsport second-graders raise $1,050 for Hurricane Irma relief

More than $1,000 worth of gift cards is expected to arrive in the Florida Keys to help with Hurricane Irma relief, thanks to Mariesa Simon's second-grade class at Weedsport Elementary School.

Over the summer, Simon thought about ways she could inspire the students. “I know I’m going to get to all of my curriculum, and I’m going to teach the kids everything they need to know, but I always felt there was something more I could do, but didn’t know what that something was,” she said, “So I decided that I would come up with basically a Kind Kids Club.”

Simon spent the first week of the year teaching her kids about kindness, talking about what kindness was, and doing small acts of kindness throughout the school, with the help of a “Kind Kids” packet she found online that had a few ideas. “We signed a contract, decided to do missions throughout the year, and [talked about] what are some ideas to be kind,” Simon said.

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