TAYLOR BENCHED: Bills will go another direction this Sunday

Tyrod Taylor looked exactly like you would expect someone to look after just having had his job taken away, particularly a job as public as quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

But give Taylor his props for being a professional because he certainly didn’t have to stand up and answer any questions about a decision he did not make, a decision he clearly does not agree with, yet the now former starter did so Wednesday morning.

“Obviously disappointed,” Taylor said. “I don’t agree with the decision, but the decision was made and you have to move forward.”

The decision by Sean McDermott to bench Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman was a bombshell, to be sure. It’s not very often a coach benches the veteran quarterback of a team that is currently in the playoff picture for a fifth-round draft pick who has thrown exactly 10 NFL passes, all in supreme mop-up duty three days earlier.

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