Committee to re-elect Fayette Highway Superintendent Bill Trout responds to article

The following is in response to the article that appeared in The Home Town Helper this past weekend concerning the election of Fayette Highway Superintendent and is paid for by by the committee to re-elect Bill Trout.

To all Fayette voters and tax payers. The present highway superintendent (Bill Trout) has a qualified employee who is certified to handle all necessary repairs, inspections, meter readings and water sampling.

There are not any certifications required for plowing snow, mowing roadsides, installing culvert pipes, or digging roadside ditches.

The Town of Fayette only hires the Village of Waterloo when waterline repairs need more help and equipment than the Town of Fayette has to make repairs.

The Town of Fayette pays the Village of Waterloo to do meter reading because they have the reader for the transponder and the software to do the billing.

The Town of Fayette does it’s own water sampling.

The Town of Fayette hires the Village of Waterloo to do the billing for water district 5 via the terms of an agreement with the Town of Varick and Village of Waterloo because district 5 and the Town of Varick’s water district 3 are jointly operated.

Only those expenses for each water district are charged to the water district in which they are incurred thereby only effect the users of that district.

Contrary to the inference by Bill’s opponent (Andy Brown), Bill and his exemplary highway personnel have been doing all of this successfully for the last 8 years and hope to be doing so for the next 4 years. Bill has been endorsed by both Republican and Democratic parties.

Due to the union contract, the Highway Superintendent cannot do any jobs nominally done by the highway workers.

Mr Brown’s statements indicate his lack of knowledge of the duties of the highway superintendent or how the department functions

Please be sure to vote tomorrow, November 7

Paid for by the committee to re-elect Bill Trout

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