LORENZETTI: Clarification on race for Seneca County District Attorney

On Monday Sep.11, 2017, I received an anonymous phone call that District Attorney Barry Porsch filed a Notice of Claim against Seneca County.

After my own investigating, I learned the notice was for $800,000 and was filed with Seneca County Attorney Frank Fisher’s office on day 89 (Sept. 8, 2017) of 90 days allowed for that action.

The notice was about Mr. Porsch being upset about an employee in the probation department sending out an email that he thought was defying his character.

The Board of Supervisors were made aware through an email I asked our clerk to pass on to them. Neither the County Attorney nor County Manager John Sheppard felt this was “important” enough to share with the board.

On Tuesday, Sept.12, I asked the head of probation if he had received any communication from Mr. Porsch about the concerns highlighted in the Notice of Claim. That individual stated he had not received any phone calls from Mr. Porsch.

I asked if the employee named in Mr. Porsch’s Notice of Claim had a good record, which he stated she did. I asked at the end of our board meeting to go into Executive Session with the motion made- and seconded- for only the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Porsch was present and petitioned Chairman Bob Shipley to be allowed in the session but the vote had already taken place and was denied. He was then quoted on multiple occasions to the press that he had met with the Board of Supervisors in Executive Session and the issue was being resolved internally.

The fact remains the Notice of Claim has not been withdrawn.

Mr. Porsch is not endorsed by the Democratic Party. He won that line after both candidates ran write-in campaigns for the Democratic Primary. The Democratic Primary saw less-than 20 percent of enrolled, eligible voters casting a ballot.

Joe Sapio and voters from all party lines were invited-and-welcomed to attend the Democratic Meet-and-Greet, which I co-chaired. That event was held on Oct. 26, 2017.

Joe Sapio served for 5.5 years as Fayette Town Justice. He was respectful, fair, patient and impartial to all. There was never a complaint or negative comment made during his time in office to my knowledge.

His experience as a good defense attorney will give him the advantage of knowing “both sides” of the courtroom.

We need to put honest people into office. It means those who will work for the people that elected them. Please know the facts before you vote and most of all get out to vote on Nov.7.

Cindy Garlick Lorenzetti
Fayette Town Supervisor
Seneca County Board of Supervisors

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