Blue-green algae detected in Seneca County drinking water supply

The Seneca County Health Department announced on Thursday that blue-green algae toxins were found in the drinking water supply, which was tested on September 29th.

According to Tom Scoles, Principal Sanatarian with the Seneca County Health Department, “Samples were tested at the state’s Wadsworth Lab in Albany and were positive for algal toxins; however the levels were below the EPA’s 10-day health advisory level of .3 micrograms per liter for sensitive populations and well-below the advisory level for adults of 1.6 micrograms per liter.”

Scoles added that follow up samples of the drinking water detected no algal toxins on October 3rd. “The water is safe for residents to consume for all uses.”

The New York State Department of Health, Seneca County Health Department and the Village of Waterloo will continue to monitor the water supply and will take additional steps if necessary.

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